Silage Making


Ensiling is either done with a tractor and Buck Rake, Telehandler or both depending on the job.  

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Silage Making:
Class Volto 1320 used for spreading out


We have Claas Butterfly Mowers which can cover large areas each day but are still manoeuvrable for small paddocks.

Spreading out

Spreading is done using a Claas Volto 1320 which will spread out 50 feet of grass at a time, it works equally  well in large fields as it does in small paddocks.  Tedding ensures optimum dry matter.

Rowing up

We use either a Claas Liner 4000 or a Claas Liner 2900.  The 4000 is a 4 rotor rake capable of pulling in 60 feet widths of grass, this is generally used in front of the forager and in larger fields in front of the baler.  The Liner 2900 pulls in 30 feet of grass and tends to be used in smaller fields.  By raking we can bring the forward speed down making the whole job more efficient plus ensuring optimum dry matter.


Grass Foraging is done with a Claas Jaguar 960, the Jaguar is a high capacity machine with gives precision chop and is able to handle large acreages a day (useful when competing with the British weather!)  

•Separate headers (Whole crop; we use a direct disc which will cut cereals for whole crop.  Maize; we use an Orbis header which takes 10 rows of maize at a time making the foraging process more efficient and resulting in less wheel marks in the field).

•When chopping either whole crop or maize the kernel processor is put into the machine.

•Built in additive tank to add additives at the required rate if necessary.


We use Bailey trailers and skilled operators for haulage.  A tractor with an A-Frame on the front is available to move additive from field to field, saving downtime.

Silage Making:
Claas Liner 4000 used for raking
Silage Making:
Claas Jaguar 960 used for foraging

Depending on your requirements we can undertake the whole silaging process or part of the job.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.