Power harrow combination

2 x Kuhn Power Harrow drill combinations available.  1 with Suffolk coulters and 1 with Tine (very good in heavy and wet conditions).




Min-till drilling

We can supply a Horsch C06 drill which works mainly on a min-till basis but can be used on worked plough ground also.




Direct drilling

We operate a Moore Unidrill, this can drill direct into standing grass, stubble or can be used on worked ground.




Maize drilling

We use a Gaspardo Maize Drill with HD sowing units which will sow evenly in all conditions compared to the standard unit.  We can apply fertiliser with this machine.  




Small seed air seeder

Can be fitted onto a Subsoiler, power harrow or cultivator depending on your requirements.  




Please call us to discuss your requirements.

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